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Obrolan bersama Jolie Lindholm (The Rocking Horse Winner, Popvert, Dashboard Confessional, dll)


Di sekitar awal menuju pertengahan 2000an, dimana demam 'emo/indie-rock' dan metallic-hardcore (belum resmi jadi term metalcore) pada generasi milenium ini sedang mewabah di skena musik dunia, dan Indonesia pastinya ikut dalam gelombang itu. Ada beberapa band yang terkenang dan karyanya tetap dinikmati hingga kini.  

Jolie dalam sesi rekaman bersama dengan Popvert
Dashboard Confessional di album awal memang menarik perhatian saya. setelah jadi tambah besar, dan masuk dalam soundtrack-nya Spiderman-2 saya mulai kurang mengikutinya dan kurang menarik juga buat saya. 2 album awal 'Dashboard' yaitu Swiss Army Romance & The Place You Have Come To Fear The Most serta lagu 'Jamie' pada V/A Tribute To Weezer yang menarik saya justru ada suara latar 'Angelic voice'. Itu adalah suara Jolie Lindholm, yang juga membuat full band indie-rock/emo The Rocking Horse Winner yang menghasilkan 2 album penuh dan 2 album split. TRHW selain Jolie, terdiri dari anak-anak Hardcore Florida. Jeronimo Gomez adalah pendiri As Friend Rust dan sempat di Poison The Well selama tahun 97-98. Oliver Chapoy pernah di Shai Hulud. Matt Crum dan Henry Olmino juga pendiri As Friend Rust bersama Damien Moyal. Jangan salah, di sekitar tahun 2004-2005 ada program Reality show pada TV swasta Nasional di Indonesia, 'Katakan Cinta', dimana lagu 'Tomorrow' dan 'Elementary' milik TRHW diambil dan dijadikan backsound pada beberapa cuplikan acara tersebut, dimana para personil TRHW tidak tahu ketika ditanya oleh teman saya dari Inner Garden Zine ketika mewawancarai Henry, gitaris TRHW.
Bersama Chris Carraba (D//C) membawakan 'Age Six Racer'

Lalu ada Popvert, band-nya Jolie setelah TRHW bubar. Memainkan Electronic pop/new-wave, dan setelah itu ikut terlibat dalam unit electro-pop/synth pop bernama Owl City album Ocean Eyes pada lagu 'Meteor shower' sebagai musisi tamu. Tak hanya itu, saat ini dia bersama suaminya (Basis TRHW dan pendiri As Friend Rust) sedang menyiapkan proyek musikal. dimana mantan gitaris TRHW dan AFR juga, Henry sepertinya akan terlibat bersama di 2017 ini. semoga cepat dirilis :)
Sepertinya saya adalah orang dari Indonesia kesekian yang berkorespondensi dengan Jolie Lindholm. Senang bisa berkenalan dan banyak ngobrol dengannya, termasuk obrolan di luar interview ini. silahkan cek interview resmi saya berikut ini.

The Rocking Horse Winner
NBF : Hi Jollie, I'm pleased to meet you on this occasion. Well, introduce my name is Aditya. I am from Indonesia. I create and write an independent music zine, from indie-rock, hardcore punk to metal. check: http://newbornfire-zine.blogspot.co.id. We've been friends in facebook since 2009 and I am also a fan of some of your band. certainly TRHW and Popvert, and always liked to hear your voice on the early albums of Dashboard Confessional. I'd like to interview you for my zine, will you for the interview? I'm interested in the music scene in your place, Florida, since the era of the late 90s. 🙂  Thank you in advance. 
Jolie : Hello Aditya! Yes, sure - I'd love to answer your questions and contribute to your zine. Thank you for thinking of me and for following my music all these years. It means a lot.

NBF :  What your busy life today? still involved in a musical project?
Jolie : At the moment I have a regular job with no active music project.  However, for the first time in my life I'm composing a song on my Ableton for which I'll also write the lyrics.  My husband - Jeronimo Gomez, former bassist for The Rocking Horse Winner - and I plan to start a project together on our own and we're hoping to have something complete in 2017.

NBF : I had read your status in facebook,  you abstained in the US elections. correct? how the current conditions in the United States, particularly in florida, after the election of Donald Trump as a new president?
Jolie : I do not believe in our system and try to participate as little as possible in it.  I've always felt this way and have only voted in the presidential election one time in my life, for a Republican candidate.  I do not agree with the way our country is run and do not plan to vote any time in the future.  It was disturbing to me how much hatred there was on Facebook during this election between friends and family.  It's my opinion that the candidates do not care about us as individuals, so for us to argue and fight with each other for their benefit is unproductive and a distraction to keep us from seeing what's really going on.  I hope for a better economy for the sake of the people, but I strongly feel the government has a plan for us no matter who is elected as figurehead.

NBF : Returned to the music scene. I have not found a live video of Dashboard Confessional with you singing 'age six racer' or other songs. is there any documentation it on youtube?
Jolie : I don't believe there are any videos.  I only performed the song with Dashboard once in Orlando (that I can remember), while we were on tour with them many years ago.  my husband  just reminded me - I actually also sang Age Six Racer with Chris at Macrock one year. Totally forgot about that! In fact, I wrote the part that I sang on the recording myself and it meant a lot to hear that.

NBF : You've been friends a long time with Chris Carraba. even before in Dashboard Confessional (D//C) you ever been playing in a band with him, really? The name is The Vacant Andys, right?
Jolie : Correct.  I performed with The Vacant Andys live a few times when they covered "And She Was" by The Talking Heads.  In fact, I just sang on a new recording of the song a couple of years ago for Chris' new band, which was released via email upon request, as well as another cover song which he asked me to do on the spot, that hasn't been released to my knowledge. 

NBF : I'm sure if TRHW used to last a long time and a lot of albums released, you will be as good as D//C. why do only released 2 albums and 2 split albums, and no longer active since 2004?

Jolie : Well, we decided we wanted to do other things and a horribly booked tour as well as a musical disagreement of sorts led to our eventual demise.  We are all still friends and Henry, the guitar player, has been working on new songs that we may get together to record and release one day.  Stay tuned!

NBF : Many people here know you from D//C and TRHW since the third wave of emo and hardcore era of the 2000s. many people miss you for a reunion with TRHW and perform again. Can it happen?

Jolie : There's no definite answer to this, but we have been trying to get something going again.  We are all older now with busy lives.  However, as I said, Henry has something brewing and it may be a possibility in the near future.

Popvert - Subculture (New Order cover)

NBF :  How about Popvert? I have a distinct interest in the uniqueness of the music that smells of electronic elements. can you tell me a little bit you can join the band?
Jolie : Popvert was already a band and they asked me to join after it was suggested by the band manager of the then defunct The Rocking Horse Winner.  They sent me a CD of what they had recorded with another singer, as well as a few other songs and I got together with them to record not long afterward.  From there I actually did write the lyrics for some of the songs on each album that we released.  The guitar player then moved away and it became more difficult to get together.  They were in Miami and I in West Palm Beach.  It ended organically, however you can listen to the albums we released on Spotify now.  One of the songs I wrote the lyrics for, Grey, was featured in a film directed by a friend of Jose's.

NBF : I've seen some pictures of you in the show of Shai Hulud in the mid 90s. also friends with many Florida hardcore musicians like Morning Again, Poison The Well, also As Friend Rust. yes, still in touch with them? What hardcore / punk band the first time you watch the show?
Jolie : Yes, my roots go deep!  My husband, Jeronimo Gomez, was one of the original members of AS FRIEND RUST.  SHAI HULUD were great friends of ours and I still talk to Matt Fox online from time to time.  MORNING AGAIN - John Wiley is another old friend that we stay in contact with.  There was a lot of great music coming out of Florida at the time and we were all friends or acquaintances.  I grew up in New York before moving to Florida in 1994 and listened to a lot of punk and New York hardcore.  Those were some of my first shows.  As far as punk and hardcore are concerned, I listened to a record by a band called 'I HATE MY SELF' on repeat, as well as a punk band called THE PIST. I used to take the train in to New York City to go to punk and local NY hardcore influenced emo shows - what I know to be the original emo.  I remember going to see QUICKSANDS with friends in the city.  When I came to Florida, the scene was amazing and there was so much going on in that vein.  It's hard to say what my first show was...  Of course 'Rocking Horse Winner' was much softer that all of that, but I think you can sense some of those influences in there somewhere.

NBF : Any playlist / album you listened to lately?
Jolie : My musical tastes vary greatly.  I've been listening to CAVE IN - Until Your Heart Stops - again to get my hardcore fix or NOFX and PROPAGANDHI from the old days.  I also listen to a lot of 80's synth influenced bands such as KAVINSKI or Electric Youth (Innerworld).  The Beatles have finally made their way onto Spotify, so I've been listening to Rubber Soul and The White Album a lot.

NBF : What do you know about Indonesia? have you ever heard of musicians / bands from Indonesia?
Joile : Honestly, I'm uneducated on that subject.  I've love to hear music from Indonesia!  Please advise me on that.
Finally, I have provided some links of the bands or webzine or assortment from Indonesia via fb chat (-ED)
NBF : In 2016, Flat Earth phenomenon is a viral issues. what's your opinion about Flat Earth Society? in many lines of social media, so many people are debating this. I am among those who follow this debate in terms of science as well as theology, but I still believe that the Earth is still round the grounds of science. because I feel you are interested in the things of science fiction. 
Jolie : I couldn't say what all of this means. We may never know what this place is, but it's fun to speculate. There is viable evidence regarding the flat Earth theory that does bring to the surface questions many of us never bothered to ask. There are many strange things about this life that we just accept as truth and don't question. I'm hoping that one day, we will know the truth. 
And yes, I am a Sci-fi nerd. 😊

NBF : Ok, thank you for taking time to answer this interview. Warm greetings and respectful
Thank you and I wish you much luck with your zine!

Take care,



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