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Interview with Hans LIAR (for 10th issue of Newbornfire zine)

Hardcore kids playing death/thrash metal with strict vegan straightedge approach and  messages!!! Hell fukking Yeah...Kalian familiar khan dengan mereka? European legendary metallic Hardcore, newskool, tuffguy, metalhead, aktivis berbagai front-front perlindungan hewan (PETA, ALF), dsb. Ups, ngomong-ngomong metalcore, Lupakan sejenak band-band yang ada di MTV Headbangersball, no way!!  lupakan Hatebreed, lupakan Killswitch Engage, juga lupakan tetangganya, Caliban. Sebenarnya saya juga surprise bisa langsung dibalas dan dijawab oleh Hans ketika saya coba-coba konfirmasi untuk wawancara ini. Simak obrolan berikut dengan Hans Verbeke, pentolan LIAR yang sekarang ini sudah berumur 41 tahun pada Oktober tahun 2011 ini. Terjemahannya nanti aja ya...:P hehee. (NBF)


1. Hi Hans and/or u guys in band…can u tell me about the first meeting with every member? some people said that you’re a true metalhead who playing hardcore band (as UxJx used corpse paint in his face when he played with Congress) like thrash/death/black metal with positive attitude …hahaa :D. 

Hans : After the split of WHEEL OF PROGRESS, which was basically the 1995 LIAR line-up we decided to start something in a similar vein...So LIAR was born, we wanted a band that played hard metal with some hardcore influences and with militant edge lyrics. We where and still are hardcore kids with a passion for metal music as well.

2. Now, H8000 is a big scene. Tell me a several activities about this scene today?  

The H8000 scene used to be a lot bigger, there's no old bands left from back in the day, except for LIAR...the scene today consists out of smaller bands like HEADSHOT, UNITED BLOOD and some bigger like RAFLESSIA, MORDA, BLOOD REDEMPTION. It's still ok, there's shows almost on a weekly basis and there's still a lot of active people around.

3. Many people regard that you and some members of LIAR looks like a militant vegan straightedge band/person. (I’m straightedge too, ED) What’s your deep meaning about veganism and straightedge-ism in your way of life? Do you agree with the militant approach to spread your message like Earth Crisis had done in the U.S?

Yeah, well...some members in LIAR like myself for example are almost 25 years straight edge, so the early days where more militant and direct because there was more hatred towards straight edge people, right now it's kinda mellow and easy to be sXe...there's no reason to be angry and militant. I still can't stand drunk people or doped up people...I do agree with Earth Crisis, because that's what they do, that's what they are famous for..being a militant band.
The first LIAR records are militant because those times asked for militancy and anger.

4. Previously I had never asked to everybodies in the original band’s members about the meaning of naming your band, yeah xLIARx !!. what’s your opinion about the meaning/philosophy of LIAR, and why LIAR?

The name LIAR stands for the nature of the human being, we do lie,cheat and manipulate in order to get things done, in order to hide things, in order to hide from who we are in reality. People are constantly lying to themselves...society is lying to us, religion is a lie....LIAR  is a short and powerful phrase, that's why we liked it.

5. Since when you are interested in sXe and be a vegan? what affect you become like this?

I started being sXe back in 1987, so was UxJ...vegetarian/vegan a few years later, it became a natural thing that is an automatism,a nd not something that keeps you busy every day. 

6. In several reviews in the media, several bands of H8000 scene also popularized the term ‘God-free youth’. What’s your opinion about God, religion and everything in the universe?

I do recognize the universe, but I do not recognize anything that is called God...I believe that we are our own God, with our capacities and mistakes in life. We don't need religion in order to survive. We don't need a bible and fictional persons in that bible to look up to, or to be afraid off...God is an invention by humanity, first they invent God, secondly they worship what they created. I think religion is dangerous and stops people from using their true potential.

7. I really like the style of music from several 90s metal/hardcore bands like LIAR, Congress, Deformity or a few bands in your scene. whether the term metalcore still suitable for the color of your music? (The booming of metalcore currently has become negative and become trend since bands like 'Killswitch Engage' or 'Bleeding Through' become famous in mainstream).

Yes, the term metalcore anno 2009 is way different then let's say the 90's...we have nothing in common with the current stream of "metalcore" bands who are into wearing eyeliner and nailpolish, who are aiming to be the next big stadium rock band, the current stream of bands have no messages and statements, it's just plain and boring metal.

8. What’s your opinion about a few things below :

 a.     Earth Crisis 
Awesome band, they are good friends and are definitely the  most important band in the 90's promoting sXe and veganism

b.     Fugazi 
The band that never signed any major label deals and always did what they wanted to do, they are more hardcore than  anyone of us.

c.     Varg Vikernes (Burzum) 
Simply an idiot  that doesn't deserve any attention...20 years in jail was perfect.

d.     The Black Dahlia Murder 
Awesome dudes that are playing hard ass death metal...we enjoyed touring with them.

e.    Animal Liberation Front 
Definitely long there's injustice towards animals, the ALF is needed.

f.    WTO 
I personally think it's a good thing...brings structure in world economy..and NEGOTIATIONS are always a winner!!!

9. What do you know about Asian hardcore/metal music scene, especially Indonesia ? and who are the Asian band that you ever heard and interesting you guys? 

I'm sorry to say, but I wish I could name few bands of your country... I do know HARD TO KILL..I think I heard a track on a cd here somewhere.

10. Last question, any message to the readers or maybe any question to me :)?
Thanxxx very much for spending your time answer this interview..  

Thank you for the interest in LIAR, and keep your scene alive and kicking!!! Thanxxx from me personally and another members here, Matthias, Filip, Tim and UxJ.


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